Whitefish Real Estate Buyers Guide


Get pre-approved

The best thing you can do is get pre-approved for financing before you begin your house or property search. There are many reputable banks and mortgage lenders in the Flathead Valley that can help you with this process. We also can recommend some options and highly encourage everyone looking for home to take this step to find out what they can qualify and what kind of budget they will have when looking for homes.

Work with an experienced agent

With over 40 years of experience in the Whitefish real estate market you can be sure that we know everything you will need to know when going to showing or looking for houses in the Whitefish area.

Don’t be turned off by cosmetics

You would be surprised what a little paint and TLC can do for a home. A lot of times people overlook homes or property with a lot of potential simple because they didn't like something about the home. Whether it be a paint color, or bad bathroom, etc you can update these area easily enough once in the house. The market in Whitefish moves very fast so you will always want to look at the potential of a house before you cross it off your list.

Learn about the neighbors

Always check out the neighborhood and get a feel for the neighbors if you can. If you want to find out about crime and other things in certain areas, the local police is a good place to start.

Be prepared to move fast

Both parties are always very eager to begin the process, and you should be prepared if the process goes faster than expected. The housing market moves very fast do to the demand in the Whitefish and Flathead Valley area. The better prepared you are the better chances you will have of getting the contract on the house of your dreams accepted

Don't overbid

Make sure you do your do diligence when putting an offer on a house or piece or property. The last thing you want to do is overbid, that money can be used to remodel or upgrade facilities on the land and home.

Expect to submit a lot of paperwork

When applying for a loan there is a lot of paperwork. Your mortgage broker and also realtor need to be very good to help you both understand and navigate all of the complicated lending requirements.

Get a good inspector

Inspectors are essential part of the Home buying and property process. You will want to know every pro and con going into your purchase, but more importantly the bank or lender wants to know everything about the house also.

Expect the Fees

There are a lot of small fees her and there that will make your head spin. Our experienced realtors will help you navigate these fees and also your lender will be there to provide explanations on each of them.

Sometimes there are bumps in the road

From finding the right house to actually getting into it may take longer than expected due to unforseen circumstances. Be prepared to work with your realtor and lender to work through any issues that may arise.

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